Maths Puzzle

In Maths today we had a go at a puzzle.
We looked at the picture below and were asked to work out how many triangles were in the picture. At first we thought 12, put then we spotted that some triangles were made up of more than one triangle.
Have a go at home and tell us in the comments how many triangles you can spot.

Harvest Festival

Thank you so much for all your kind donations today to celebrate the harvest festival. We were in awe of your generosity and kindness again!

All donations have all gone to St Mary’s food bank which has been running for 6 years and helped over 3883 people and families to get food when they have been struggling.

We had a wonderful harvest assembly with St Mary’s and really enjoyed wearing our harvest colours.

3H Drop In

Thank you to all the parents who attended our drop in morning today in 3H it was great to see such a good turnout. Please remember to get in touch if you have any questions.

Also a quick reminder that 3W’s drop in is on Wednesday this week (11th).

Thank you again,
The Year Three Team

We would love you to pop in to see us

This week we will be sending home some very special invitations to pop in and see us.
The informal drop in session is a short (around 20 mins) pop in to allow you to see your child’s new classroom, meet the teacher and get to know some of the important routines. More formal parent’s meetings will still take place later in the term but this was a good opportunity for parents and carers to see how their child was settling in to their new class and for your child to introduce you to their morning routines. We hope you will be able to join us, just come in with your child at the beginning of the school day.

Class 3H: Monday 9th October

Class 3W:


I can’t attend. Grandma likes to help with school work, can she come instead?

Of course, any family member who supports your child is very welcome.

Can I bring my baby, I haven’t got any childcare?

Yes, although we don’t have a lot of space for buggies so they will need to be left outside the classroom.

What will I be doing?

Your child will be able to show you their classroom, read with you and explain classroom expectations. The teacher will help with this.



Tasty European Breakfast

We had a lovely breakfast in school today where we all tried some delicious croissants and juicy sangria. Lots of us tried something we had never eaten before and some of us really enjoyed it!


More or Less?

We have been learning to use more than and less than symbols between numbers to show their size. Here we are practicing using base 10 to check which number is largest.

Learning all about skeletons

This week in Year 3 we have been learning all about how are skeleton is important for supporting and protecting our bodies. We had a go at making our own split pin skeletons, we looked at different real life X-rays and we even had a go at labelling a life size skeleton.


Have a look at what we got up to.


Diamond 9

In RE lessons, we have been learning about the Ten Commandments and how Christians live by the rules in their day to day life. We came up with our own rules for living on an island then we learned about the Ten Commandments. We ordered the Ten Commandments in a diamond 9 shape from most to least important to us. It created lots of wonderful discussion!

Spotted: Wild Things

After our chat with Professor Gilbertstein, we made some spotted posters for wild things. We used amazing adjectives and super similes. We also had a go at editing our work in green polishing pen after it was marked. Have a look at our writing and keep an eye out for those pesky wild things!