The Wonders of the World

Today we started learning about the seven wonders of the world in Geography. We had a chat about what makes something wonderful and then we shared our ideas of different things around the world that we thought were wonderful.

Made with Padlet

We then did some research about the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and shared ideas of what it was that made them wonderful.

The 7 Continents

In our geography lessons this half term we are studying the 7 wonders of the world, this week we have been doing a tour of the 7 continents and learning more about them.

Did you know:

4 billion people live in Asia

That there are more sheep in Australasia than people!


The lost happy endings

When we came into class this morning something strange had happened. There were some strange black sheet of paper with beautiful gold writing on them. When we investigated we found that happy endings of fairytales were written on them.

Sadly, we found out that the happy endings had been stolen. Don’t worry though we are investigating to find out who has taken them!

Erupting Volcanoes

We had a lot of fun today learning about how volcanoes are made and the key parts of them. We ended our lesson by making our own volcanoes. Have a look below!


Terrific Tectonic Plates

We were learning about the plates which cover the Earth, we rolled boiled eggs til the cracks looked like tectonic plates and made our own models of the different layers in the Earth.

Shh it’s a secret

Year three pupils were treated to 2 stories from secret readers. Thank you so much to Abigail’s Mum and Lily-Grace’s mum for reading to us.

Autumn Hedgehog Bread

This week, we have been learning all about where our food comes from and the processes involved in making it.
Yesterday, we learnt about how bread is made from flour and how flour comes from wheat.
Today, we had a go at kneading our own bread and shaping it into hedgehogs. They needed time to prove but they will be baked tonight and ready to take home tomorrow!